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Runner's Towel



The Towel


No More Sweat or Dirt on Your Car Seats! Slips on and off in seconds! Simply put hood on your head, sit back and flip hood over the headrest. Perfect for driving home after all running, yoga, gym, golf, beach and other activities. Fits over all car seats with a head rest. Covers the headrest, seat back and seat cushion. 48 inches long and 28 inches from side to side, with 12" x 12" hood to fit over your headrest. Wash after each use, will last forever! 

Why the Runner's Towel


For years I've used the basic method of putting a towel on the seat and behind my back.  It works to some degree but I've never been satisfied with the results.  More times than not, the towel will fall down or move, leaving much of the seat unprotected.  No one wants sweat to rub into your car seat.  No only does it harm the leather or fabric but you also end up with a smell that may be impossible to get out.  

Event Runners' Towels

These towels are 48" long and 28" wide to provide full coverage of the seat and back portion of your car seat. The "hood" is 12" x 12" to provide full coverage of the front and back of your headrest.  It also serves to hold the towel into place on your car seat. We are able to offer a large print on the main towel or smaller embroidered logo on the back of the headrest section. These will make for great item to add to your swag that each participant will use over and over!  Minimums as low as 500.  

To Order


Please contact your Race Consultant for pricing and availability.

The Runner's Towel is fairly bulky and requires ocean shipping.  Orders are delivered 12-14 weeks from order date.  A full sample of each order is done before production.